A Trip to the Science Fair

The Art Doctor

“In examining works of art we can use the electromagnetic spectrum to our advantage, allowing us to see far more than we can with just our naked eye.”


Arts Integration at the Museum

“This student’s extensive research into the ecology represented shed new light on this artwork, and demonstrated the potential for arts integration to define alternative pathways in art history.”

A Friendship

Zao Wou-Ki and I. M. Pei

“The relationship between these modernist masters had its roots in their common cultural history, but flourished in environments distant from that time and place.”

Finding Zao Wou-Ki

A Global Project

“Two of the questions I have been hearing frequently since the opening of No Limits: Zao Wou-Ki on Mayflower Hill are Where did you get all of these paintings? and How did you find them?”

Peeking around the Back Side

The Art Doctor

“A look at the reverse of a painting can reveal a lot about its structure and stability; it’s a bit like examining the foundation of a house.”

A Suite Semester

My time with Picasso’s Vollard Suite

“In my seminar on the Vollard Suite, I learned how to look closely and how to help others look—for details, technique and style, visual connections to other works of art, and evidence of philosophical and symbolic influences.”