Julianne Gilland

Deputy Director

Julianne Gilland, our new deputy director, joined the Museum this fall. We recently sat down with Julianne to discuss her role at the Museum, her background, and her experiences living in Central Maine.

Come Tour With Me

On Being a Docent

“I smiled when I heard, “How do you know so much?” while on a spontaneous tour with a group of new docents two weeks ago, knowing these beginners would soon be asked the same question. We listen and share. We listen to share.”

A Year of Transitions

Reflecting on Mentorship

“But this year, Beth has gently reminded me that all aspects of my experience, including that of being a woman, can enrich my work as a curator.”

Two men hanging art

Handle With Care

A Conversation with the Museum's Operations Team

“One of the biggest parts of our jobs is solving problems, because we’re doing things, in many instances, where no one has ever done it before.”

Seeing Green

An Interview with Finis Dunaway

“Beginning early in popular environmentalism there’s a tendency to see environmental problems as universal and that makes it harder to see the inequities that exist, both socially and ecologically between certain communities around the world.”