A Colby Homecoming

A Graduate's Visit

“Though nostalgia initially drew me back to Mayflower Hill, it was the new ideas and connections that made my day truly special; as always, the weathervane atop Miller Library is perpetually poised to point students in new directions. “

Intern Exchange

A Visit from Bowdoin

The Colby-Bowdoin intern partnership enhances our students’ network, knowledge, and skills.

Still from William Kentridge, Tango For Page Turning

Director’s Spotlight

The New Media Arts Consortium

The Museum looks to build its new media collection in partnership with peer institutions.

A Danish Sojourn

On the Road

“Judging from the good use that visitors made of Louisiana’s picturesque campus—reading, picnicking, napping, and the aforementioned swimming, not to mention listening and looking—the weekend had occasioned a renewable feast of exquisite memories.”