Japanese Folding Screens

The Beauty of Byobu

The diversity of the Byobu screens displays the different stages of Chinese influence, from screens that are exact copies of Chinese paintings to those that merely interpret Chinese subjects.

Bird Days at the Museum

Being part of this project gave me a chance to engage with the local community and to plan two separate activities whose main goal was to educate and connect humans of all ages.

Where in the World Was MSAB over Jan Plan?

Every year Colby students from all majors and class years have the opportunity to focus their studies intensively on one subject for the month of January. This year, nearly every Museum Student Advisory Board (MSAB) member chose to focus his or her studies on life outside the Colby campus. Here’s a little bit of what MSAB members have to say about their experiences. . . .

Audubon and Ornithology in Early America

A Bird Watcher’s Perspective

Audubon’s contributions to ornithology derive from his love of birds, exquisitely expressed through his keen observations and arresting visual depictions. Although his work has been criticized by the ornithological and art communities as appearing exaggerated, a closer look reveals details that are accurate and could only have been produced by someone intimate with their subjects.

Julianne Gilland

Deputy Director

Julianne Gilland, our new deputy director, joined the Museum this fall. We recently sat down with Julianne to discuss her role at the Museum, her background, and her experiences living in Central Maine.