“The goal of the individuation process is to become

who we really are.”   ~~ Carl G. Jung


Jungian psychotherapy developed out of the work of Carl G. Jung, the renowned twentieth century Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and scholar.  Jung believed that to be human is to seek psychological balance and wholeness.  We are innately engaged in a quest for meaning. The goal of these psychological processes is ‘individuation’—that is, self-realization and knowing.

The work of Jungian psychotherapy involves the gradual movement toward the integration of psychological, emotional, intellectual, creative, spiritual, and bodily aspects of the personality – the movement toward greater self-realization and authenticity.  This process occurs in relation both to one’s inner life and with the outer world –– enhanced relations are the basis of emotional health.  In this therapy, we attend to your immediate emotional and social needs and remain attuned to the deeper psychological processes seeking our acknowledgement.  Jungian analysis is a depth therapy which works with the symbolic language of the unconscious; such symbols come to consciousness through dreams, imagination, and other creative processes such as painting and writing.  We respect the mystery of the human growth process and seek to expand your understanding of your unique situation. Our capacity for self-reflection and knowledge are increased through this steady work. In partnership we seek to understand the issues and material you bring to session – we aim to get to the heart of your soul’s story and discern creative possibilities as you gain greater balance in your life.