STS Senior Theses, 1813-2013

Class of 2013

Victoria Feng, Architecture and Behavior at Colby: How our built environment affects the way we learn and socialize

Ben Hannon (Honors), Development of a Standardized and Functional Tactical Emergency Medical Support Training Program

Dan Hussey, High Fructose Corn Syrup: Why we consume it, and what happens to those who do.

Kelly Kneeland, Controlling the Maine Environment: Three Attempts to Alter the Natural World

Nick Kondiles, License and Regulation, Please: New Standards for the Practice of In Vitro Fertilization

Neal Kopser,  Callendar’s Following

Matt Lapine, Water Quality Monitoring Technology in Maine Communities: Where Human Understanding Meets Ecological Change

Eoin McCarron (Honors, STS Scholar Award), Electromagnetic Disturbances from Natural and Nuclear Sources: History and Public Policy

Charlie Spatz (Honors, STS Scholar Award), Building with Waste: The Concrete Block in the 20th Century


Class of 2012

Robert T. Canning (Honors), Forecasting the Future: The Early United States Weather Bureau

Jeff Carpenter, Your Brain in the Cloud: Online Learning and the Paradigm of Education

Kyle Donovan, Saving Hollywood? The Struggle to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Katie Graichen, Defining a Place by the Sea: The Revitalization of the Portland Waterfront

Christopher J. Kasprak (Honors), Hurricanes as Social Probes: The Social, Political and Economic Impact of the Hurricanes of 1900, 1938, and 2005 (Katrina)

Thomas P. Meehan (Honors), Health Information Technology and Quality Improvement: The Use of Electronic Health Records to Improve Quality of Care in Primary Care Practices in Connecticut

Elliot Mermel, Breaching the Boundaries: The Impact of Intellectual Property Laws on Healthcare and Society

Arya Moallem, Blooming Industry, Ancient Roots: Green Buildings in Red China

Spencer Phillips, Keeping the Center Alive: Portland, Oregon and the Urban Growth Boundary

Amanda Reynolds, From Bubble to Burp: The Unlikely Technologies that made Brewing an Industry

Nicole G. Sintetos (Honors), The Sexual Brain: Essentialism in Queer Popular Science: A Study of the Science of Dr. Simon LeVay

Campbell Stephenson, Neglected Green Space: Urban Parks and City Development

Margie L. Weiner (Honors), Programmed for Success? Computers in American Public School Classrooms


Class of 2011

Emiko L. Boezeman, From Humans to Machines: The Evolution of Japanese Communication Technologies and Their Influence on the Written Language

Noah B. Bonnheim, The Search for a Hero: The Psychological Appeal of Geoengineering

Sarah M. Carter (Honors), HAPPY PILLS: The Discovery, Development and Societal Implications of Antidepressant Technology

Stephan J. Cizmar, An Assessment of Technological Progress as a Catalyst of Economic Growth Through an Analysis of Two General Purpose Technologies: Electrification and the Internet

Marisa K. Crommett (Honors), Communicating Health Care Options: Dominican Herbal Remedies in the Dominican Republic and New York City

Beta Eaton, Lobstering in Stonington, Connecticut and Stonington, Maine: Two Cases Demonstrating Necessary Cooperation Among Scientists, Fishermen, and Policy Makers for A Sustainable Fishery

Nathan A. Eberly (Honors), Mediavision: Social Lessons Learned from Television History

Amie R. Fleming (Honors), Urban Sprawl: Critiquing the Place of Community and Environment in Suburban America

Tucker Gorman, A Student’s View of the Colby College Campus

Hana L. Haver (Honors), Genes on Trial: An Evaluation of Gene Therapy in the Media

Alexander M. Koallick, Energy, Environment, Embargo: A look at How the Oil Embargo of 1973-74 Changed American Perceptions of Environmental Protection

Mark E. McNulty, Examining and Understanding Methods to Mitigate the Effects of Agricultural Oil Shock

Erin M, Schnettler (Honors, STS Scholar Award), Tipping Point to Turning Point: Horatio Crie and the Development of a Conservation Ethic in the Maine Lobster Industry

Danielle C. Sheppard, Social Solutions for Climate Change: Cross Cultural Lessons from Denmark to the United States


Class of 2010

Nick Bromley, Thirty Pieces of Silver: A Dystopian Science Fiction Story

Alice Evans, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine and the Western Biomedical System

Dan Opalacz and Foster Huntington, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Data Acquisition and Colby Systems Integration

Zach Rich, The Asthma Puzzle: A Comparison of Factors Contributing to Asthma in the US and China

James Westhafer, The Maturation of the Armed Sky: A Comparison of the Influences on German and American Aerial Warfare Technologies from 1914 -1945


Class of 2009

Sally Drescher (Honors), Cold War Games: The system and science of Soviet domination in international games

Caitlin Dufraine (Honors), Uncharted Dimensions of Media: A map of the social implications of geographic information systems (GIS)

Jessica Leuders-Dumont, Ocean Iron Fertilization — Is it feasible?  Is it ethical? Addressing the scientific and ethical considerations of OIF in the global community


Class of 2008

Camden Bucsko, Head Injuries in Football and Protective Equipment used to Prevent Them

Maddie Given (Honors), The Ironic History of Medical Radiation: From Cancer Causing to Cancer Treatment

Kim Rudolph, What is Internet Addiction and Why is It a Problem in East Asia?

Adam Salamon, The Development of Large-Scale Beer Brewing and the Significance of Microbreweries


Class of 2007

Aaron Bradford, A Very Moral Concern: Molecular Biology and the Development of Chemotherapy

Brian W. Fulmer (Honors), Political Biology: Peter Kroptkin’s Mutual Aid and the ‘Darwinian Revolution

Tom Reznick (Senior Scholar’s Thesis), Morals and Milk: Neo-Luddism and Bovine Somatatopin, Science Technology and the Garden of Maine

Tom Testo (Honors), Last Blast: The Politics and Sponsorship of Formula One


Class of 2006

Joseph D. Berg, Eisenhower and the Fascist Interstate System

Madeline Horwitz, (Honors), Man Made Menopause: A history of the medicalization of the female body

Jakob Moe, The Peak and Plummet of the Maine Fishing Industry: How Maine was removed from the Fishing Map in the progressive Era

James Oh, Stem Cell Research: The Unspoken Benefits

Ethan Payne, Hazard or Disaster? Social Implications in Earthquakes in Developing Countries

George Anthony Williams, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices


Class of 2005

Chase D. Cohen and Corwith Cramer III, (Independent Study), Throwing Things: Construction and demonstration of a Roman onager

Caroline E.V. Collins, Broadacre City: An urban plan Frank Lloyd Wright and Lewis Mumford could agree upon?

Zachary S. Sager, Industrial and Wild Snow: The legacies of 10th Mountain Division soldiers David Brower and Pete Seibert

Allison Stewart, The U.S. Forest Service’s Quest for Power and Money: Implications for the American Public


Class of 2004

Lauren Abbott, Raising America’s Energy IQ: Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Consumption

Erica Ayotte, Spar and Spindle: The Effect of Lowell’s Textile Industry on Nineteenth-Century Agrarian New England

Nicholas Battista, The New Eco-Technic Paradigm Parker Thompson, Hydrogen Fuel: An Outlook on the Renewable Energy Future

Vincent Domestico, The Clash of New Military Technology with Old Ways of Fighting: The Civil War Rifle and How It Changed Warfare

Jessica Kellett, GMO Technology and Corporate Agribusiness. Why is the U.S. such a strong supporter of GMO crops and such a weak supporter of labeling GMO foods?

Brittney Lazar, The Looking Glass Media: The Media’s Construction of Identity for College Athletes as seen through the University of Notre Dame Football Program

Nina Martin, The Effects of West Nile Virus on the Environmental Movement of the North Shore of Massachusetts

Leif Pearson, A Critical Look at the Evolution and Future of Signal Transmission

Derek Snyder, Economic Transition in New England: The Case of Waterville, Maine within the Last Fifty Years

Nicholas Walendziak, Elk Ecology and Habitat Management in Eastern Tennessee

Sabina Warren, The Effects of Climate on People: An Anthropological Analysis of Ellsworth Huntington’s Theories

Marshall White, What’s for Dinner? A Brief History of Refrigeration


Class of 2003

Brock Barton, Flat Screens and Fat Kids

Jamie Lue, Digital Eyes in Sports

Mike Moran, Surveillance Nation: Technology and the Erosion of Privacy

Jeff Owen, Crea-Teens: The Use of Performance-Enhancing Supplements by High School Athletes


Class of 2002

Michael R. Pincus, The Environmentalism of Saint Francis

S. Carter Pace, The Irish Republican Army: Why They Fought the Anglo-Irish War

Russell B. MacPherson, Hazards of Technical Diving

David J. Manning, Tecological Disaster: Newfoundland’s Cod Fishery


Class of 2001

Nathan Gehlert, Creationists and Scientists: Social, Religious, and Scientific Foundations of the Genesis Debate

Fredrick Perowne, The First Spike: Forging the Canadian Nation

Kathryn Rowen, Technology, the Environment and Home Depot:How Technological Innovation is Making the Lumber and Hardware Industries more Sustainable


Class of 2000

Tom Dulong, Commercial Fishing at the Crossroads: Technology, Regulation, Conservation

Jared Lazzaro, Ships with Chips: The Effects of Electronic Navigation on Marine Transportation, 1900-2000

Melissa Shea, The Effects of Trap Limits and Vent Size Reductionson the Maine Lobster Industry


Class of 1999

Wesley Baff, Atheistic Existentialism, the Life of Goods, and the Good Life: The Impact of Technological Society on Human Self-Determination

Warren Dixon, Technological Savior? Technologies in the U.S. Meat and Agriculture Industries

Peter Downing, Finding Peace in a War against Desertification: Reconceptualizing Grassroots Participation in Dryland Management

Raji Gupta, Universal Health Care in the United States: Canada, Clinton and the Constitution

Patrick Upatham, The French Nuclear Industry


Class of 1998

Melissa Carpenter, To Clone or Not to Clone: A World Divided: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Regarding Human Cloning and the Need for Educated Public Opinion

Amy Lyons, Responsible Bioprospecting or Reprehensible Biopirating? An Examination of Bioprospecting Initiatives in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Darren Perry, The Challenger Launch Decision: An STS Perspective

Mike Truman, An STS Original: H.G. Wells and the Merging of Science and Literature

Josh Walton, The Outlook for Weather Prediction: A Chaotic Future?


Class of 1997

Dana Cease, Water Quality Issues in Central and Eastern Europe

Steve DiLella, Duck and Cover and You’ll be OK: Media Portrayals and the Social Psychology of the Bomb

Thadd Eldredge, Mathematical n-chotomies

Simone Kaplan, Star Trek and Science Fiction: Reflexive Impacts on Cultural Expectations of Technology

Jon Nykvist, Renewable Energy Economics


Class of 1996

Betsy Burleson, Be the Change That You Wish to See in the World (Video)

Lou Dagostine, Global Organized Crime, Its Present and Future Use of Technology, and How International Law Enforcement Agencies Are Trying to Stop Them

Karen Goodrich, America’s Cup Technology: History and Effects on the Sport of Sailing

Mark Johnson, The Might of the Marshes: Their Impact and Their Uncertain Future


Class of 1995

John F. Smith, Jr., Rural Medicine and Technological Change

Benjamin Waite, Nuclear Weapons and American Popular Culture, 1945-1963

Michael Yunes, Computers and the Internet: Legal and Ethical Issues


Class of 1994

Eric Burger, Technology and Art (with emphasis on postmodernist concerns): Towards Hyper-reality

Karen J. Carlson, Over the Counter Modern Technology. and Chemically Processed Nutrition Supplements

Mark Dantos, Technology and Art (with emphasis on postmodernist concerns): Towards Hyper-reality

Sean Devine, What’s NEXRad? Modernization Plans of the National Weather Service

Jan Dutton, Looking Backward to See Forward: The New Paleoclimatology

Eric Kemp, Aesthetics Meets Technology: Issues in Film Colorization

Jennifer Lock, Time for a Change in the Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology

Darrell Oakley, There Are Three Sides to Every Story: The Effect of Deforestation and Urbanization on Migratory Songbirds

Duc Buu Trac, A Brief Overview of Environmental Problems in Communist China


Class of 1993

Christopher M. Chin, The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant: Environmental Issues

Daniel W. Connolly, Nuclear Power in New England

Marshal A. Mintz, Virtual Reality: Computer Modeling and Perception

Lisa E. Prenaveau, A Comparative Study of Japanese and American Computer Manufacturing

Lee W. Robbins, III, The Genetic Revolution in Agriculture

David M. Smith, A Comparative Study of Japanese and American Auto Manufacturing

Bethany H. Tilton, Technological Advances and the Ethics of Prolonging Life

Jonathan W. Walsh, Technological Change in Baseball


Class of 1992

Walker Fenton, What’s Wrong with this Picture? Manipulation of Digital Images

David Jorgensen, Ethanol Fuel, Vodka for your Volkswagon: The Future of Biomass

Kwok Lui, Uses and Abuses of Telemarketing Technologies

Brian Meehan, The Promise and Problems of Nuclear Power

Norm Stillman, The Farrier’s Toolbox: Town and Country Veterinary Medicine


Class of 1991

Gretchen Fisher, The Development of the Sewing Machine and Its Effects on the Women Who Worked in the Garment Industry

Aaron Mosher, Conservation Awareness at Colby

Sam Sharnik, This Stuff is Getting Deep, video production

Jake Silberfarb, Maglev Trains and the Necessity for Rapid Rail Transportation in the United States

Sally White, Technological Advances in Swimming: How Far Can Technology Push the Athlete?


Class of 1990

David Coleman, A Photographic Essay of High and Low Technology in Maine Industries

Cindy Demskie, Maine: The Way Life Ought to Be? An Analysis of Technology in Maine and the Work of the Maine Science and Technology Commission, and Developing STS Internships for Colby Students



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