Faculty and Staff

James R. Fleming
Professor and Director of Science, Technology and Society

Office: 310 Mudd
Tel: 207-859-5881
Email: jfleming@colby.edu

Professor Fleming came to Colby to establish the STS Program. His research involves the history of meteorology, global climate change, and environmental science and technology. He enjoys fishing, jazz, BBQs, and seeing students flourish. “Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”  Profile here: http://www.colby.edu/profile/jfleming

Paul Josephson
Professor of History and Science, Technology and Society

Office: On Sabbatical 2014-15
Tel: 207-859-5326
Email: prjoseph@colby.edu

Paul is a specialist in the history of twentieth-century science and technology. His research to date has focused upon Soviet science and technology. In recent years, he has sought to evaluate the extent to which the American, German, Brazilian, Norwegian, and East Europe experience differs from that of the Soviet Union. Paul runs marathons, and worries about the terrible human and ecological costs of snowmobiles, jet-skis and other ATVs.

Alice Ridky
Administrative Secretary

Office: Mudd 209
Phone: 207-859-5800
Fax: 207-859-5868
Email: amridky@colby.edu


STS Advisory Committee

Matthew Archibald, Sociology

Chandra Bhimull, Anthropology and African American Studies

Daniel Cohen, Philosophy

Elizabeth Finch, Museum of Art

Jim Fleming, STS

Melissa Glenn, Psychology

Fernando Gouvea, Mathematics

Jonathan Hallstrom, Music

Russell Johnson, Biology

Paul Josephson, History

Lauren Lessing, Museum of Art

Keith Peterson, Philosophy

Laura Saltz, American Studies

Dale Skrien, Computer Science

Tanya Sheehan, Art

Judy Stone, Biology

Das Thamattoor, Chemistry

Andrea Tilden, Biology

Emeritus Faculty:

Charles Bassett
Henry A. Gemery
Homer T. (Pete) Hayslett
Thomas Longstaff
Robert McArthur
Leonard Reich


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