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Folk scientists in China

Prof. Aronova brought up the idea of citizen seismology, a specific type of citizen sciences in her articles and her lecture. I have always had a sophisticated impression on the citizen sciences. On the one hand, I believe it is an effective way to spread out the idea and enhance the influence of science to the larger public. In fact, many institutions also have similar science promotion programs, such as Colby’s CAPS program. Continue reading

Citizen Science and the Bio-Hacker

Professor Elena Aronova of the University of California came to talk with us this past week on the history of science. My take away from her talk, was the role of citizen scientists in modern, western society. Though her talk centered primarily on the easter theater (understandably), I couldn’t help to draw connections between the current role ‘bio-hackers’ play in the science community of the United States. Do note: the biohacking sub-culture has a great many facets which I will not discuss in this post. Intent to provide my top-level opinions of and reactions to these home-grown scientists.

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Citizen Science

This week we had a seminar and lecture with Elena Aranova. In preparation for the seminar we read three of her pieces, but ended up discussing mostly about her ideas presented in “Citizen Seismology, Stalinist Science, and Vladimir Mannar’s Cold Wars”. Within this piece, the concept of citizen science, among other things, is introduced and explored.
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