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The Adjacent Possible

This week, Professor Loreto discussed something I’d never even heard of before. He called it the ‘adjacent possible’. At face value, adjacent possible simply means the space right next to what we think/what is possible, which is one of those phenomena that simultaneously makes more sense and becomes more confusing the more you think about it.

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Angry About Pots?

We found ourselves outside of our usual lecture space surrounded by an eclectic collection of works. These works ranged from photographs and paintings to sculptures that you have to get up close to tell what they are. I found myself wondering, how does art, especially these pieces, connect to origins?  Continue reading

Cavendish and Ecofeminism

The scientific revolution, to many, is thought to be the catalyst of scientific progress of Western civilization. It is a break from the intellectual past… a renaissance of thought and process.
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Origins of Earth and Big History

Last week, David Bercovici came and discussed The Origins of Everything. This, unsurprisingly, led to further questions about how historians, both scientific and social, can handle or even attempt to discuss the history of everything we know: starting from the Big Bang and ending today.  Continue reading

Simple Space

When I think of space, of anything above our atmosphere, it’s usually clouded by my belief that anything in that realm is far too complex, large, or confusing for little me to possibly understand. However, every time I read a chapter or take a class about space, it feels like the things going on in that sky above me are simpler than the jumbled mess of life happening on this spaceship called Earth.
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