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Understanding Poetry

On October 31st, we were graced by Stefano Colangelo’s lecture “Voice and Verse: At the Origins of Contemporary Poetry”. In this lecture, Colangelo included many powerful excerpts, highlighting the importance of the language in each line. The major takeaway I took from Colangelo was that, unlike many of our previous lectures, this one doesn’t have an origin.
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Celebration of Research Culmination

As a final lecture period, the students of ST232 and a few other Origins classes were asked to present their research. This research came in the form of posters, zines, and photography. My classmates and I were responsible for the poster portion of the presentations.
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When I first heard that we were going to be talking about the origins of superheroes, I was ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the review of something I already thought I knew all there is to know about. You see, I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. While the city of Cleveland doesn’t immediately bring to mind anything close to superpowers, it is, in fact, where I was told superheroes were born–it’s where Superman was first created.

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Citizen Science

This week we had a seminar and lecture with Elena Aranova. In preparation for the seminar we read three of her pieces, but ended up discussing mostly about her ideas presented in “Citizen Seismology, Stalinist Science, and Vladimir Mannar’s Cold Wars”. Within this piece, the concept of citizen science, among other things, is introduced and explored.
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Darwin and Me, Darwin and Us

Scientists as controversial as Charles Darwin are few and far between. It seems strange that the same person can be so readily placed upon a pedestal and dismissed as incredible at the same time. This disparity of opinion and prevalence of Darwin in academic lives led me to think about what impact he has had on my life and how he may have been a part, or not, in the lives of others.

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