Author: ssanchez

The Universe & Tectonic Plates

This week’s lecture had a very similar theme to the previous weeks lecture about the Big Bang Theory. Similar to last week, Professor David Berovici talked about the origin of the Earth and how it was found. He provided evidence of the Big Bang Theory that very much resembled the evidence we mentioned last week. Specifically, the concept that galaxies and other spatial phenomenon’s move away from each other and Olber’s effect, underscore the contradicting arguments of an infinite, old universe. The existence of dark night skies makes us believe the Universe is not necessarily infinite or as old as we think it is. Therefore we begin to question different theories that have been suggested in the past regarding the way the Universe was created.

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The Big Bang & the Origin of the Universe

At the beginning of class today, I gazed upon the screen that read “The Big Bang Theory and Origin of the Universe” and I immediately thought about the vast knowledge and information regarding such phenomenon’s and how I did not really know anything about them. The more I thought, the quicker I came to realize that I in fact do not know anything about the Big Bang or the origin or the Universe. Baffled, I sat prepared to listen to a conversation from our guest, Professor Kocevski whom apparently had an extensive, yet impressive, background in the world of astronomy and physics. As a psychology major with previous experience in the natural sciences, I felt ready to approach a theory that seemed so concrete yet so abstract.

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