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Cultures and National Identity

I have previously lived abroad and have been exposed to multiple cultures for extended periods of time. I have been very lucky in that regard and believe that through this exposure I have learned about certain countries identities and how complex a country’s identity can be. Continue reading

Dr. Aronova talk

When I heard that Dr. Aronova was coming to talk about social constructions and science among other things, I was interested and excited. We talk a lot about how different people, places, times, etc. process different pieces of information that come from different sciences. And we talked about this a lot during her visit. Continue reading

Poster Review

Throughout this class we have been preparing ourselves to come up with topics to present and write research papers on. It was important that they are related to Origins and in particular order versus chaos. Continue reading


In class I first heard that we were going to have a speaker that was going to come in and talk about the origins of superheroes through learning about Walker’s presentation and what he was potentially going to be writing his research paper on. I had never really thought much about the origin of the superhero, although the more I thought about it the more interested I became. Continue reading

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is someone that most people are familiar with, but the extent to their knowledge about him is normally only limited to his theories on natural selection. However, there is much more to his life and during the lecture with Jane Brown, I learned a lot about this, which I found to be very interesting. Continue reading

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