Poster Presentation day

This week we had students presenting things they had been working on during the whole semester. In class, each of us had an opportunity to present their research to the whole class. This was a good opportunity for us to get some feedback from fellow students and professor on how we could improve our final presentation in the evening and final paper. This as well gave me an opportunity to practice the presentation. In the evening, we presented poster to the three classes who were presenting as well. I already knew a lot about my fellow classmates’ research progress since the beginning of the semester when all of us did not have an idea of what exactly we were going to research on, to having a rough idea and finally having a concrete poster to present to us today.

Apart from looking at the work done by my fellow classmates, I also looked at the work done by the Artist Book Class Presenters. I talked to four of the presenters in that class and they took me through their processes from identify what they wanted to do to getting and putting together all the material they needed to binding them all to get a book. First I look at work by Sage Bailin. His work was on his sprinting photographs. This captured me because I run a lot. He took photo of a lot of professional athletes in different parts of the world and his photos running as well on our own track. His picture clarity and choice of the location to take photo from was really great.

I also saw some of the work done by Stephanie. Her work was also so impressive to me. I tend to think that I cannot draw anything and when I saw the pictures that she drew, I was really impressed by them. She had drawn images of famous artist from East Asia and America. What I like more about her work was the quotes she matched with these various drawings she had. She said she had been keeping records of favorite quotes since she was twelve years old until now. It was great to see the connection between her drawings and the quotes she gave it. Most of those quotes matched so well on the drawings of various world artists.

I think this was a great way to end the lecture series. These series have been really interesting in that we have seen origin of things from different angles. Having professors and professionals from different fields with different interest made the topics we were studying in different weeks interesting. The diverse nature of our class as well was another interesting aspect. Students from different disciplines approached things differently and made the class super interesting. It was also great that we had the choice to pursue research in any field that had connection with the theme of this year, Order versus Chaos. I am glad I was able to look for “my roots” by researching on the origin of my tribe and through that, I learnt a lot about my tribe.