As a newfound student and fan of art, I was excited to see find we were looking at the art museum for this week’s lecture. Though I have never studied the origins of art, the topic is of great personal interest to me. I had never studied the specific origins of art, though I am aware of many of the early examples, and the perpetual potential for argument as to the specific origins of different kinds of art. I was somewhat surprised by the many different origin themes present in many different styles of art. As I have found with many of these lectures, I leave with more questions than when I arrive. Having known very little about the origin of anything from the universe to Italian Poetry or Novel Writing, I am repeatedly exposed to a new corner of the world which I know little to nothing about. In the brief time, it is impossible to learn the origins of anything to a satisfactory level. However, opening up these corners of the world, and shedding a bit of light on them makes me more curious, and I find myself wondering about the finer points of origins often. Can we prove the big bang? If we can prove that it happened, but we can’t prove how or why, then is this finding really significant? Does investigating this idea bring us more answers or will it lead to more questions, as the brief lecture on it has for me? How is is possible to define the first novel except by the definition used at the time when it was written? Is it possible to define the boundaries between poetry and music, or does doing so pigeon-hole a broad art form into a claustrophobically tight academic category? It was fascinating to learn so much about both a topic that I was previously very uninformed about, as well as a whole different method for investigating the topic. The origins within art is a topic that I find very interesting. However, the origins of different styles of art. Given the ambiguous nature of art and the nuance between different styles, there seems to be an endless ability to argue the minute differences between differences in styles of art and the origins of these various styles. This points to a lingering question that exists in the world of art in a broad sense. Who determines greatness, and importance, and how is it determined? It is possible to have a truly objective understanding of who started a certain style of art, or are we doomed to interpret the origins of this art form based on our pre conceived notions. It was very interesting to explore the origins of art through the museum, which hosts many different beautiful pieces of art from many different periods and styles. Having an experienced critic of art to explain the pieces and their meaning, and connecting it to the context of the origins was a very interesting way to change up the lecture.