The first time I learned about the origin of the universe I was quite young, and remember asking a multitude of questions; feeling unhappy with the responses I was getting. But what was there before? How did it start? These questions have progressed over the years, and I would like to say that I now am an expert on how the universe was formed but this is far from the truth.

The creation of the universe is something that still to me, remains extremely abstract, full of scientific jargon, and seems to get more complex each time it’s brought up.

However, this makes sense as the origin of the universe should not be able to be explained with just a few short sentences. The origin of the universe is complex and still contains unanswered questions. The theories that surround its creation are still being questioned, but for the most part set in stone. However, throughout history the theories have changed as science has become more and more advanced. People we now recognized as some of the most influential and intelligent people of the past believed in theories that are now disproved, proving the complexity of the origin of the universe. In his lecture, Professor Kocevski talked about this, and mentioned how Einstein was on the right track to discover an equation that would help explain the creation of the universe however he overthought and complicated it so much that it inhibited him from finding the correct outcomes. His preconceived ideas about the universe inhibited him from finding out the truth.I found this to be interesting because it made me question whether or not the things we deem as true in regards to the origin of the universe, and other universal truths are actually true or if the real truth is just beyond our scientific capabilities.

Professor Kocevski mentioned that there were some lingering questions in regard to the origin of the universe, as some of the data now accepted as true still has holes within it. Being someone that still has trouble really wrapping my mind around the numerical and empirical evidence that supports the current school of thought for the origin of the universe I find this intriguing and wonder how true the things we accept really are. The origin of the universe is something that we can truly never recreate, however we have gotten close to recreating similar experiences in Geneva, but apart from that there will always remain ambiguity around the issue. Therefore, it seems as though the only way to clear up these ambiguities and questions that surround the issue is to try to continue to learn more and understand the origins of these questions to then understand the origin of the universe and all of the chaos that surrounds it.