Whenever the idea of space is mentioned I immediately think of the fact that space is a never ending unquantifiable distance. In todays day and age, in a society where people attempt to make sense of everything, space is the one thing we can never truly understand. It presents a challenge to people everywhere. While we have read about countless discoveries and advancements in technology, we will never truly be able to understand our origins which is why the Big Bang Theory is just that, a theory.

In Rhee’s writing, Cosmic Dawn, he mentions the Hopi people. In the reading he talks about their beliefs as to how the world originated. The Hopi tribe believed that people were created in a deep cave far below the surface of the earth and entered the world through a hole called “The Sipapu.” This origin story shows how people, from early on in our existence felt the need to understand our origins, to make sense of the unknown. However as time has progressed, our knowledge and beliefs of our origins have been shifted. Such explanations of our origin and the study of space itself is an attempt to make a never ending concept seem less daunting.

However, while the idea of space is a great source of chaos in our world, there have been people who have tried to bring order to it. In Professor Kocevski’s lecture, he mentions countless mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers who have tried to make sense of our beginnings. Some of the greatest discoveries having been made by Einstein, Hubble, Brahe, Copernicus, and Kepler, none of whom have been able to make sense of what occurred before “The Inflation Era,” which was a rapid expansion of our universe in the very first moments after The Big Bang Theory. “The Inflation Era” has posed a conflict for many scientists over the years. It has continued to be a source of chaos seeing as we do not truly know what happened in that time. In Kocevski’s lecture he mentions how “disorder increases overtime.” While this might sound counterintuitive it explains the process that scientists and philosophers face when looking at something like the Big Bang. Before the Big Bang we had order followed by the event of the bang bringing along chaos, once we reached a level of stability we regained order. However as time goes on our society has begun to exhausted the resources of the land we are going towards a phase of chaos. Our society has reached a level of order to the point where people forget that chaos often disrupts such order which is never a guarantee.

When thinking about the fragility of our current universe it makes me think how our universe was created on a complete whim. The collisions of atoms was a completely random occurrence which has lead to the creation of such a complex and advanced life formation. However the question of how the particles and atoms needed to create life were present poses a complex question. While we will probably never know the answer, we as a society will continue to attempt to make order out of such a chaotic idea.