Co-President: Wayne Kim

waynekimYEAR: 2014
HOMETOWN: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
MAJOR: Sociology
DORM: Alfond 343
ABOUT ME: Wayne Kim hails from the sunny southern coasts of SoCal and is anavid cat-lover. Aside from that, he loves to run, hike, bike, hoop, swim, play iPlay soccer with his amigos, and head to Olin and curl up with a book (and then realize that he has piles of “school” reading to do).  He’s excited for the opportunity to work with various student groups and student leaders as well as administrators to continue the good work that has been done the past years and to set the foundations for progressive change for the betterment of the Colby Community in the future.  He’s blessed to be working for the third year in a row with the best Co-President, Cole Yaverbaum.