Exec Board

The Executive Board comprises of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Publicity Chair, Parliamentarian, Multicultural Affairs Chair, and Administrative Assistant.


Fall 2014 Office Hours
Office hours are held in the SGA Office, located in the Fireside Lounge, unless otherwise noted.


President: Justin Deckert
Monday and Tuesday 9am – 11pm


Vice President: Michael Loginoff
Monday 2pm – 4pm
Tuesday 1pm – 3pm
Treasurer: Osman Bah
Tuesday 3pm – 5pm
Wednesday 2pm – 4pm


Publicity Chair: Connor Clancy
Tuesday 10am – 12pm


Parliamentarian: Eva Lauer
Tuesday 1pm – 2pm
Thursday 1pm – 2pm


Administrative Assistant: Abby Sill
Monday 12pm – 2pm


Multicultural Affairs Chair: Shane Rogers
Monday 10am – 11am
Wednesday 10am – 11am
Thursday 10am – 11am