Tastes of the Town TODAY with Downtown Smoothie

This week’s business is DOWNTOWN SMOOTHIE! Come check out their products:

1. Early Riser Juice (orange, pineapple, grapefruit, and carrot) (vegan)
2. Cookies n Creme Frappe
3. Peanut Butter Truffle Frappe
4. Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie (vegan)

Come out and check out DOWNTOWN SMOOTHIE!

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Colby Shuttle Program Schedule

Use this link for a full schedule:


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Storage Options for the Summer

Check out All College Storage if you are looking for a place to store your belongings over the summer. We pick up during move-out and will have your stuff back to you by the time you move back in.
Sign up today! Its fast, easy, and student run!

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Social Class Awareness Week!

Do you know what social class is? Have you ever wondered what that means? Adam Howard’s ED322 is pleased to host SOCIAL CLASS AWARENESS WEEK! Please see the list of event below:

Monday 4/6: 12-1 pm “Social Class and Athletics” in Page Commons

Tuesday 4/7: 12-1pm “Social Class and Athletics: Not All Recruiting Paths Are Created Equal” in the Bobby Silberman Lounge (formerly Lo-Po)

Tuesday 4/7: 6:30pm-8pm “The Intersections of Race and Social Class” in the Pugh Center. This is a Diversity, Dialogue, & Dinner. RSVP at pughcenter@colby.edu. Limited to 25 people.

Wednesday 4/8: 7pm “Social Class in the Summer: How Social Class Impacts Summer Experiences and Priorities for Colby Students.” in the Pugh Center

Wednesday 4/8: 9:30pm “Social Class Pub Night” in the Bobby Silberman Lounge. Enjoy food and drink when participating in a fun, engaging, and quick awareness game!

Thursday 4/9: 4pm “Does Going Places Mean You’re Going Places?” in the Bobby Silberman Lounge

Thursday 4/9: 12-1 pm “Networking in The College Athletics Game” in Page Commons

Thursday 4/9: 11am-2pm “How Does Social Class Shape Our Academic Choices? Understanding the Role of Social Class in Major Selection and the Availability of the Liberal Arts Experience” in Page Commons

See you there!

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Library Committee’s Preliminary Report

Library Committee Preliminary Report (4/5/2015)

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