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“Toe Drags for Ta-tas”

SAAC members Spike Smigelski, Colby Men’s Hockey, and Chris Barrand, Colby Men’s Lacrosse, came up with the brilliant idea of creating a breast cancer fundraiser that would be centered around the most attended game of the year–the Colby vs Bowdoin hockey game. On December 2, 2011, these two teams met in a “Face Off Against Breast Cancer” event. With the help of the Smigelski, Barrand, Men’s Hockey Team, the Men’s Lacrosse Team, the Student Government Association, the Colby 8 and many SAAC members, the event was able to raise nearly $4,000 for the breast cancer research foundation “Save the Ta-Tas”.

Smigelski and Barrand united the efforts of the Men’s Hockey and Lacrosse team for the fundraiser.¬†SAAC sold long sleeve t-shirts, which were designed by Smigelski, and SGA purchased the shirts. SAAC members sold the t-shirts all week long before the event and helped put together the event. The shirts were worn to the event and approximately 60% of the proceeds from shirt sales were donated to the cause. At the game, Barrand organized and ran a 50/50 raffle, Spike’s idea helped raise at least $3,000 for the Save the Ta-tas Foundation…hense the “Toe Drags for Ta-Tas” slogan on the back of the shirt. In addition, Barrand set-up on an online website for donations and contacted the greater Colby athletic community to request donations for the fundraiser.

The event was an absolute success! Colby students wore the t-shirts to the game,and the all-male Colby a cappella group sang the National Anthem. Colby Professor and Breast Cancer Survivor, Phyllis Mannochi, dropped the first puck and the Colby Mule even made a surprise appearance on ice!

WATCH Mule on Ice Video!

Colby Swimming Participates in Hour of Power

The Colby Swim team joined 151 other collegiate and high swim teams to participate in the “Ted Mullin Hour of Power” this past November. Over 7,200 athletes participated in the hour long relay style event to fundraise and generate awareness about sarcoma cancer.

The event honors Ted Mullin, a Carleton College swimmer who passed away from sarcoma cancer in 2006. This year marked the 5th annual Hour of Power. All money raised goes to the University of Chicago’s Sarcoma cancer research program.

The Colby Women’s Volleyball Team DIGS PINK

CWV raised over $1000 for breast cancer research this past season with the help of the Colby College community. For the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), CWV asked members of the Colby community to pledge a penny or two for each dig they would get over the month long period. CWV racked up 852 digs!!! All of the money collected will be going to the Waterville oncology unit.


CWL & CWB Run for a Good Cause!

The Colby Women’s Lacrosse team ran for a good cause on October 22nd. The team dressed as the 101 Dalmatians for the Hardy Girls & Healthy Women Freaky 5K. The event raised $6,000 for the Hardy Girl foundation and it’s main purpose was to encourage bringing the “scary” back into Halloween costumes!



The Colby Women’s Basketball team also ran for a good cause back in September. All team members participated in the Susan G. Komen 5K for Breast Cancer in Portland, Maine. The mules raised over $1000 for breast cancer research.








Reading and Recess with the Colby Men’s Basketball Team

The Colby Men’s Basketball team spent a few days this past semester reading to children at the Atwood library and playing with them during their recess time. The students really enjoyed their company, especially their height on the playground…

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