The Russian Program at Colby is a small, particularly active and close-knit group of students and faculty. The Russian language and culture major is designed to introduce students to Russia’s past and present in a grouping of language, literature, film, culture, and history courses taught both at Colby and at the Colby-in-St. Petersburg program. In this era of dramatic social, cultural, and economic transition in Russia our students and graduates must be firmly grounded in language and culture. The major requires four years of Russian-language study (including content courses in Russian literature and film at the advanced level) and four courses taught in English: two semesters of Russian history, and two semesters of Russian literature and/or film.

Many of our students double major in Russian and other disciplines, ranging from history and global studies to music, sociology and economics, but students interested in studying Russian in conjunction with another major may also elect a minor in Russian language and culture. The minor requires seven courses in language and literature that offer a basic foundation in grammar and an introduction to 19th-century Russian literature and 20th-century Russian film.