Best Lead Actor in a Female Role: Bethany “Vix” Vix as Josephine “Jo”  March in Little Women: The Musical

Best Lead Actor in a Male Role: Chris Collmus as Horton in Seussical Jr.

Best Actor in a Female Supporting Role: Mairead Farrell as Linda the Chicken in MilkMilk Lemonade

Best Actor in a Male Supporting Role: Jonathan Pankauski as Mr. Mayor in Seussical Jr.

Best Minor Character: Mariah Gould as Aunt March in Little Women

Best Acting by an Ensemble: Brianna LaValle, Kara Robak, Tamar Cimenian, Tara Brownson, Victoria Trifonova, Mariah Gould, Bethany “Vix” Vix, and Emma Balkin as The Soccer Team in The Wolves

Best Scene Steal (TIE): Dylan “Shaw” Shaw as a toothy circus animal in Seussical Jr. / Jonathan Pankauski as John Brookes in Little Women: The Musical

Best Kiss: Bethany “Vix” Vix and Moisés Celaya as Josephine “Jo” March and Professor Bhaer in Little Women

Best Sexual Tension: Charlotte Purcell, Erica Suttles, and Jonathan Pankauski as Estelle, Inez, and Garcin in No Exit

Best Scenic Element: Josiah Johnson for the Egg, Nest, and Tree in Seussical Jr.

Best Prop: John Baker for The Kite in Little Women

Best Sound Effect: Jay Huskins for the #00 Anxiety attack scene/high pitched tone in The Wolves

Best Costume: Abby LaBrash for Linda the Chicken in MilkMilk Lemonade

Best Choreography: Julia Pfau for Seussical Jr. and No Exit

Best Duo or Team: Christopher Collmus and Gerald Aviles as Mr. Ernest Worthing in The Importance of being Earnest

Best Monologue: Lexi Holoubek-Sebok’s Intolerance of Bunbury’s health in The Importance of being Earnest

Best Accent:  Tara Brownson for #13’s various satirical accents in The Wolves

Best Cameo: John Baker as The Knight in Little Women

Best Debut Seasons: Brianna LaValle in Seussical Jr., The Wolves, No Exit, Little Women / Sam Kwon in MilkMilk Lemonade, No Exit

Best Scenic Design: Josiah Johnson for Seussical Jr.

Best Lighting Design: Tayte Messman for Seussical Jr.

Best Properties Design: Braxton Braxton for The Importance of Being Earnest

Best Sound Design: Dylan “Shaw” Shaw, Heejoon Ahn, and Manny Salas for Seussical Jr

Best Costume Design: Johanna Harding for Little Women

Best Poster Design: Jenna DeFrancisco for The Wolves

Andrew Blodgette Award: John Baker