By Sheila Callaghan


Show Dates: January 24th and 25th


Anima: Meghan Fawcett

Christa: Anna Doyle

Mom/The Virgin Mary/Androgyne: Kathy Lipshultz

Alan: Kyle Rogacion

Artie: Trevor Thomas

Kellee: Jess Aronis

Jenna: Claire Muscat

Davie: Lucas Woodward


Director: Josh Rothenberg

Stage Manager: Tyler Harley

Assistant Stage Manager: Jack Flynn

Set Design: Tommy Kienzle

Lighting Design: Katherine Kibler

Costume Design: Elisabeth Chee

Sound Design: Dan Sunderland

Props Design: Lily Fernald

Props Assistant: Zach Schutzman

Costume Assistant: Madelyn Renzetti

Poster Design: Meghan Fawcett

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