By Tom Stoppard

R and G poster

Show Dates: April 18th and 19th


Rosencrantz/Guildenstern:  Olivia Gould

Rosencrantz/Guildenstern:  Christine Francis

The Player: Bones

Hamlet:  Will Bonney

King Claudius:  Erik Wilson

Queen Gertrude:  Lily Fernald

Ophelia:  Oriana Battifarano

Polonius:  Lucas Woodward

Alfred:  Emery Lawrence

TheTragedians:  Erin Hoover, Christine Kashian, Tommy Kienzle, Rose Nelson, Thomas Lue, Chelsea Regan, Meghan Fawcett, Kathy Lipshultz

Fortinbras:  Rachel Prestigiacomo

Laertes:  Josh Rothenberg



Director:  Kyle Rogacion

Assistant Director:  Tyler Harley

Stage Manager:  Zach Schutzman

Technical Director:  Rachel Prestigiacomo

Scenic Designer:  Josh Rothenberg

Lighting Designer:  Katherine Kibler

Sound Designer:  Dan Sunderland

Costume/Makeup Designer:  Elisabeth Chee

Props Master:  Jack Flynn

Dialect Coach:  Emilie Jensen

Lighting Assistant:  Claire Muscat

Costume Assistants:  Lauren Stockless, Maddy Renzetti

Props Assistant:  Faiyaz Islam

Poster Design:  Meghan Fawcett


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