Powder and Wig is a student club focused on helping Colby students make theater. We want to help you do whatever it is you want to do.

Already involved in a show, but not quite sure what’s expected of you? Click here to check out documents outlining what’s expected of each role in a production.

Want to get involved with Powder and Wig? Here’s how!

Act in a show:
Auditions are held periodically throughout the year. All are welcome and we love seeing new faces, so check out the calendar and read the Digest for more information.

Tech a show:
P&W is always on the look out for students interested in design. Every show needs a stage manager, set designer, light designer, sound designer, costumer, prop master, make-up designer, choreographer, and crew! The best way to get involved in the tech side of a show is to email the current Production Chair.
Additionally, if you want to get involved with some aspect of tech you haven’t yet tried your hand at, our Production Chair can help you find a tech assistant position in one of our shows where you will get on the job training.

Direct a show:
Each spring the P&W Board asks for submissions for the upcoming season. Pick a show, read your show, submit and voila! Directors will be given a slot in our season for the fall, JanPlan, or spring. Choose a location or suggestion a new space and we will help you get the ball rolling. P&W helps fund, support, and guide you through the production process. The director is in charge of auditioning, casting, rehearsing, and finding a tech crew, but if you need help that’s where we come in.
Never directed before? No problem!
P&W offers opportunities for students to try their hand at directing. Depending on the season, there may be a one-act festival where you can submit a short 10-minute play or a compilation play chosen by the board. A compilation play usually has a few short plays written to be produced together. P&W will help you every step of the way.

Stage a reading:
P&W is known for its full-scale plays, but we have the capacity to support a host of staged readings throughout the year. Do you have a play you just wrote and want to hear it up on its feet? Are you reading a play for a class and think it would be fun to read it aloud with a cast for your class? Or do you have a play in mind that might be interesting for another student club to do? We can help!
Staged readings are free and require minimal rehearsal. P&W will help you set up auditions and schedule a space. In the past, student clubs came together to present The Vagina Monologues. Have an idea? Let us know, email the Production Chair for more information.

Bring a speaker:
Do you know an actor, professor, professional, or any art creator? P&W can help you bring them to Colby to present, teach a class, or speak to interested students.

Teach a class:
Want to have an improv class or a monologue work session? P&W can help you get it up and running. Have a one-time improv session or a weekly acting class, you teach it and we can help get it going.

Plus much more:
Have an idea that doesn’t fit into one of the categories above? Email us! We would be happy to work with you to make it a reality.