Current Board




Nora Hill



  • Leads Powder and Wig.
  • Acts as a liaison between P&W and the Theater and Dance department, other clubs on campus, groups from other schools as well as off-campus organizations.
  • Handles any issues brought up or otherwise affecting the Department and the various shows of the season.
  • If anyone in Powder and Wig ever has any questions; the president will be able to help!

Vice President/Treasurer



Kelsey Book


  • Submits the budget(s) every year
  • Serves as a liaison to SGA and Campus Life
  • Acquires rights for shows
  • Maintains financial records
  • Fills in for the President when needed

Production Manager


Tayte Messman 


  • Serves as the overall technical director of Powder and Wig
  • Communicates safety and facility use guidelines to the director, stage manager and production teams of each show
  • Ensures safety and facility use guidelines are being followed
  • Available to educate club members on responsibilities of directing, teching and acting, securing space for productions
  • Assists students interested in technical roles understand those roles and find opportunities, and assists directors in building technical teams.
  • Ensures smooth production of shows and assist in problem solving potential technical or scheduling issues

Publicity Chair

12227795_10205326656747415_1774629705493191152_n[1]Kaylee Pomelow


  • Responsible for the publicity of Powder & Wig to the general Colby community
  • Contacts directors about poster and ticket design
  • Orders posters and tickets
  • Sends out general announcements to advertise shows
  • In charge of maintaining the BEAUTIFUL Powder & Wig website!

Social Chair

Charlotte Purcell


  • Responsible for organizing the non-theatrical events that the club hosts (such as Milk and Cookies, Masquerave, and the Wiggies)
  • Also responsible for securing food for all functions that require it
  • Sends out all of the emails
  • Maintains contact lists
  • Publicizes events within the club
  • Keeps Facebook and Youtube updated