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One Act Auditions! Trivia! Tech Director Wanted!

Hi guys,

A few things this week:

You all should have received the email that One Act Auditions have been rescheduled to nextSunday, but there needs to be a time change as well to accommodate one of the directors. Auditions will be from 7-10 now on next Sunday, March 1st.

We’re looking for more people to compete in Giving Day trivia night this Friday in Foss. It will be trivia of all subjects, and it’s from 5:30 to 7:30. Just send us an email if you wanna compete! We can only take 8 people for the Powder & Wig team, so first come, first serve.

We are looking for a technical director for The Red Address. The show does not have a lot of technical demands, and the set will consist of nothing but basic furniture and small set pieces. Please email Rachel Hawkins (both the Production Manager and Stage Manager of the show) if you are interested and willing to help out. Please let us know ASAP.

Have a great rest of the week, and congratulations to everybody involved in Desdemona!


-Powder & Wig Board

Desdemona! Auditions! Trivia!

Hello everybody,

Hope you are all having a pleasant afternoon! There are some really big events coming up in the next couple of weeks:
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) opens this Friday night. Performances will be at 7:30 on Friday, Feb. 20, and at 2:00 and 7:30 on Saturday, Feb. 21 in Strider Theater. Tickets are on sale all this week in Pulver from 10:00-2:00 every day, and will also be sold at the box office. There will be cross-dressing, mistaken gender identities, queer romances and more!
One Act Auditions will be held next Sunday, Feb. 22. Come be a part of Powder & Wig’s One Act Festival! Auditions will be held in theMary Low Basement Lounge from 5:30-8:00. All materials will be provided. This is a generally light commitment, and it’s a great opportunity for people who don’t act often to get involved in some smaller shows!
Finally, there is Club Trivia in Foss Dining Hall on Friday, Feb. 27. The Alumni Center is hosting a trivia event and they want student clubs to get involved. They are looking for 6-8 Powder & Wig members to participate from 5:00-7:30. First prize winners will win $100 for their club. There is also a costume portion of the event – people who come dressed to represent their club could win a free pizza party/ice cream social for their club.
Have a great rest of your week!
-Your Board

Dead Man’s Cellphone, Spring Auditions, One Act Deadlines

Hi Everybody,

Here are events in the upcoming future:
Dead Man’s Cellphone opens tonight (2/6). Tickets will be on sale in Pulver and at the door. Show starts at 7:30 inPage both the 6th and the 7th. Go see it!
Spring Auditions are Sunday and Monday the 8th and 9th. The shows are The Red Address, directed by Lily Fernald,and Almost, Maine, directed by Katherine Kibler. Auditions will be from 5:30 to 8:00 in the Powder & Wig Office in Mary Low Basement. All audition materials will be provided.
One Act Submission deadlines are next Tuesday, February 10th at 4:00 PM. Please fill out the form and get it back to us by then!
Happy Loudness!
Powder & Wig Board

Dead Man’s Cellphone!

Hi Powder & Wig,

We hope everyone survived the snow and is ready for spring semester! Big news coming down the pipe:

Dead Man’s Cellphone goes up this Friday and Saturday, Feb 6 and 7. Tickets will be on sale in Pulver this week starting on Wednesday and at the door. Show times are 7:30 both nights in Page Commons. Tell everyone you know to come see a Sarah Ruhl show about love. And phones. And the organ market. And… whatever this show is supposed to be about.

Expect a few more emails in the coming week regarding Spring Auditions and One Act submissions!

Happy February!

-Best wishes

Powder & Wig Board

One Acts Festival!

Morning everyone!

Powder & Wig is now accepting submissions for the 2015 One Act Festival. This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in directing to get some experience, and for people who are interested in playwriting to get their work performed. Additionally, for those of you thinking about directing a full production in the future, this is a way for you to meet our requirements for directing.
Fill out the attached form and submit a one act you would like to direct. It can be professionally written or student written – doesn’t matter. Just know that we will need to buy rights for professionally written shows, so we do encourage a lot of student work. Please keep the shows at around 10 minutes in length. We also encourage you to pick creative performance spaces. The festival will be Friday, April 10th, so there’s a good chance some of them can be outside!
As a side note, Colby will be hosting the CBB One Acts this year! This will take place on April 11th, so the chosen team will be fresh and ready to perform again. The location has yet to be determined, but get ready to hang out with some other theater kids!
-Powder & Wig Board

Newsletter 1/7

Hello everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful winter break! For those of you who are abroad, have great time in far off lands, and for those of you returning from abroad, we’re so happy to have you back with us! We have some big things coming up:

Red-Eye Film Festival: This Saturday, January 10th starting at 9:00 AM, we will begin the 24-hour Red Eye Film Festival. You and a group of friends will have 24 hours to write, film and edit a short 10 minute film in a randomly given style. You will likely be given your own camera equipment, but phones will also be sufficient for recording. Here are the rules:
Show up at 9:00 in Runnals Lobby with a group of friends (around 4-6 people). Or, just come alone and find a group when you get there!  This will be your Red Eye team.
You will be given a film genre, a location you must use, a prop you must use, and a quote you must include in the film.
You and your team will spend the next 24 hours writing, recording, and putting together your film. Please, try to keep it around 10 minutes long.
Someone from your team must come into Runnals at 9:00 AM the next morning and turn in your film on a flash drive (they will likely be too big to email to us).
The films will all be shown at 7:00 on Sunday night in Lovejoy 100. Awards and prizes will be given out to all the groups, and we’ll see which group had the best movie!
Tell all your friends about it!

The Vagina Monologues: We are now accepting applications for our production of The Vagina Monologues. To all women: if you would like to participate, please fill out this form and and email it to the board by next Tuesday, January 13, by 6:00 PM. The monologues are very low key. You will all be assigned coaches to work with you, and you will be reading your monologues onstage from index cards. Men (and women), if you would like to be a coach, or want more information on what a coach does, please contact the board by email also by next Tuesday.

The Vagina Monologues are Friday, February 13th. We would also like to get a lot of non-P&W members involved, so try to get all your friends to submit.

Thanks for reading all of that! Have a great Jan Plan!

Your Board

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