What benifits did studying Philosophy bring to your life after Colby?

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  1.   ShapelMallard Says:

    I don’t want to say, point blank, that philosophy at Colby taught me to think. But I can’t overestimate how much it deepened my commitment to a deep engagement with issues, and developed my ability to be critical, most of all of myself. Philosophy at Colby taught me to take nothing for granted, and not just to appreciate nuance but to be congnisant that its always there. That’s paramount to a writer. Especially at a time when the channels of information are increasingly simplified and polarized. Whatever professional success I’ve had, has been a direct result of this commitment to the value of plurality, and a Socratic appreciation of human limitations. I write, because what I really aim for is dialogue. I believe that maybe our chief human virtue is the ability to communicate, and commiserate, to maybe find some consensus, some connection in the mess of it all.

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