What are you doing now?

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  1.   Chris Surprenant Says:

    I’ll get this started.

    I graduated from Colby in 2005, majoring in philosophy and political science. In 2009, I received my PhD in Philosophy from Boston University. Currently, I’m a Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Tulane University, where I teach courses in moral, social/political, and educational philosophy.

  2.   Kebba Tolbert Says:

    I graduated from Colby in 1994. I went on to get an M.S. in exercise and sport studies at Smith College. I currently coach track and field at UTEP.

  3.   ShapelMallard Says:

    I graduated from Colby in Jan of 2008. After graduation I was hired by a pro-social communications firm YellowBrickRoad as a writer and project manager. My primary responsibility while at YellowBrickRoad was to help write a book titled Actions Speak Loudest addressing myriad concerns faced by American Youth such as educational inequity and school violence. I briefly did research and development with a small production company assessing the future, and current effectiveness of American educational praxis. I am currently waiting to hear if I’ve been admitted into a non-fiction writing program at the CUNY Graduate Center. My plan is to one day earn a PhD combining Philosophy and Comparative Literature.

  4.   Kristen Psaty Says:

    I graduated with a degrees in History and Philosophy in 2010, I am currently working for a law firm in the Boston area as a Real Estate paralegal. Still philosophizing on the regular 🙂

  5.   Gabe Says:

    I majored in Philosophy and Psychology at Colby, finishing in 2006. Next month, I will receive a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and have accepted a tenure-track position as a professor at the London Business School.

  6.   Clifford Vickrey Says:

    I graduated Colby in 2010, with a major in Government. I was not more than a fellow traveler of the Phi. Dept., but my undergraduate thesis made ample use of Rawls and friends.

    I’m currently a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut, pursuing American politics and Political Theory (it’s philosophy!) as my fields. I hope to write a publishable work on deliberative democracy (more specifically, political rhetoric) this summer with my graduate advisor, adding to the interminable stream of D.D. publications, but hopefully with something interesting to say about American politics. On the side, I am a web developer and DBA.

  7.   Ted Says:

    Chris, great to see a budding philosophy professor coming from ’05s!

    I graduated ’05 with a Philosophy degree, focusing on Ancient Philosophy and Ethics mostly. I worked in Philadelphia and rowed for the US team for 4 years, but just finished my MBA from the University of Wisconsin (in my hometown!) last week, as did my wife.

    I am going to be working in a leadership rotational program for the largest Medical Technology company, Medtronic, and my first year is in Memphis, TN. I will probably end up in Minneapolis for the longer haul…

  8.   Steve Whelpley Says:

    I had the misfortune of graduating in 2005 with the likes of Ted above.

    But seriously, Ted and I moved to Philly together to continue rowing, and I’m still riding that train and attempting to make it to the Olympics. I’ve held three different jobs since graduating. None were/are a calling or a passion or anything of the sort, but pay the bills while I pursue a more base, athletic goal.

    In the meantime, my google documents just grow longer and longer filled with things I must do, thoughts I’d like to consider, inventions in need of investin, and people I owe time.

  9.   John Brunero Says:

    I graduated in ’98, majoring in Government (mostly political theory) and Philosophy. I went on to get a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia in 2006. I’m now an Assistant Prof. in the Philosophy Department at UM-St. Louis, where I teach mostly ethical theory, political philosophy and philosophy of law. (These were the classes that inspired me to major in philosophy at Colby, and so I’m happy to be able to teach them now.) Most of my research focuses on questions in ethical theory related to reasons and rationality, especially instrumental rationality.

  10.   Tajreen Says:

    I’ll go ahead just provide the least underwhelming answer here: I graduated in May of 2011 with a major in philosophy, a minor in creative writing, and a budding hope to direct the next big space movie at some point in my life. I guess you could say I’m an “artist”, but since I can’t as of yet make a living on it, that might just be a fancy way of saying “hobo”. But someday–maybe after grad school, maybe after a few gray hairs and some wrinkles–I’ll be the girl that combined philosophy with spaceships and explosions.

  11.   Peter Osborn Says:

    I graduated in 2003 with degrees in Philosphy and Philsophy/Mathematics. After Colby, I got my law degree from Boston University in 2006. I now practice corporate law with a large Boston law firm, focusing on start-up company representation and venture capitial transactions.

  12.   Jacob Roundtree Says:

    I began my career at Colby as a political science and economics double major. After taking one course with Professor Moland I fell in love with philosophy and realized that scholarly research was to be my path in life. Over the past year I have attended half a dozen conferences, helped design three weeks of Professor Reisert’s course and ran my own two day seminar on the nature of institutions. I have also spent considerable time reading, writing (especially for my blog) and deliberating about what I wanted to study in grad school. I have finally settled on pursuing a PhD in political theory at a political science program. Such a program will allow me to combine my interests in social science research and the normative questions with which philosophers traditionally grapple with. Below is a link to my blog, where I discuss topics of interest to social scientists and philosophers:

    The Social Rationalist

    Jake Roundtree

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