The OCS Faculty Mentor Program

Welcome to Off Mayflower Hill! This site is Colby’s clearinghouse of student reflections on off campus study experiences as part of Colby’s first iteration of the OCS Faculty Mentor Program. Designed to help students fully integrate their education and learning experiences abroad into their Colby course of study, specifically via independent research and explicit cultural engagement, the main objective of the Faculty Mentor Program is to have faculty engage with students through providing advice and guidance prior to, during, and after students’ time off campus.

The Off Mayflower Hill Blogs themselves are products of students’ semester or year off campus. Begin this late summer and fall, students document and reflect on how they integrate their education and learning experiences away from Mayflower Hill into their Colby course of study. This is an ideal higher education has not always been able to provide for its students. As part of the OCS Faculty Mentor Program, select faculty members first engage students during special orientation and mentoring sessions at different stages of their OCS adventure, continue to do so during the design of a project focused on either research or explicit cultural engagement, carry it on through the creation of students’ own Off Mayflower Hill Blogs, and upon completion of students’ semesters away with follow up and reentry discussions and the awarding of a one-credit OCS course notation.

For additional information about Colby College’ OCS Faculty Mentor Program, visit Colby’s Global Engagement website or contact Arne Koch, Dean of Global Engagement (akoch[at]