Eighth Week in Copenhagen

Both Tuesday (March 3) and Friday (March 6), three friends and I climbed at Beta Boulders, a rock climbing gym in Copenhagen. While the rest of my group had all already climbed before, I was happy to start on the beginner wall on the beginner level (green). It took a little time getting adjusted to the elevation, as we were not top-roping (the cool term meaning we were not safely attached to a rope-I had to ask them to clarify the definition). However, after repeated attempts and developing some hand blisters, I slowly began to feel more comfortable. We had arrived at 3:30pm, and more and more people would trickle in, as the work day was coming to an end. We gradually progressed to harder climbs (like higher green and light blue stations), and they were fun even if we could not follow all the way through with them (which was most of them). It was also fun to watch the much more talented, experienced climbers who would propel themselves off the footholds onto gravity-defying armholds. If one of them missed the armhold, they would gracefully fall to the soft-cushioned floor and within seconds be up and ready to climb again. They would also give advice to their climbing buddies discussing the best way to tackle a certain route up the wall. After these past two sessions, my friends and I have realized that climbing is both a truly mental and physical activity. We’re looking forward to coming back in the coming weeks and hopefully making it to levels above green/blue. We might even try other climbing walls in Copenhagen (it seems like there are quite a few places in the city). I recommend trying activities abroad that you would not necessarily try in your hometown. Once I return to Colby, I hope to get more involved on the climbing wall (where they use top-rope!).