Dartmouth Winter – Week 1

After one month’s winter break, I am back to Hanover again! The first thing I saw after arriving at Dartmouth was snow. Sad… Dartmouth is not any warmer than Colby. I am taking 4 courses this term, Introduction of Engineering, Science of  Materials, Sustainability and Natural Resources Management, and Inorganic Chemistry. This term is gonna be tough but fun to me.

Introduction of Engineering is a project-based course. The whole class would be divided into groups of four. Then each group would work together for the whole term to design a product that can make life in winter better. It is very challenging to come up with an idea, make and test the product, and finally present your result all in 10 weeks. All these processes are new to me. I feel this class can teach me how to work as a real engineer. Science of Material now is teaching the microstructure of molecules, which are mainly about chemistry. The course also has a term project based on a chosen material. So far, we are learning how to use different types of equipment as the preparation for our project. Compared to Intro Environmental Engineering I took the last term, This term’s environmental course is more specific and includes the economic prospectives on environment-related decision making. For Inorganic Chemistry, I am currently learning the symmetry of organic compounds and how to apply this knowledge to the IR spectrometry. I don’t know why this course is called Inorganic since what we learn is all about Organic. Since I took Organic Chemistry last Spring term, some terms in class sound familiar but not that clear to me. So I really need to review more.

Wish I can have a happy and interesting winter term!