Getting Settled

From July 23

Hello again! Classes have started, and most of mine are focused on environmental topics, with an emphasis on environmentalism in New Zealand. I am taking a class on Maori society, in which I learn about the history and culture of the native people of New Zealand, one on the environmental history of New Zealand, one on issues relating to climate change from multiple different disciplines. From the first couple of classes, it is quite apparent that the professors of these courses all take the material they teach, as well as environmentalism in general, very seriously. I am excited to learn from their expertise and enthusiasm for environmentalism going forward.

Since my last post, I have also arrived in Dunedin, the city I will be living in over the next four and a half months. Much like Auckland, there are many scooters around the city for people to use for easy travel. My friends and I have found ourselves using these scoters to get from place to place, and we have found them easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and fun! Despite this environmentally friendly mode of transportation, I have noticed that though it is available, not many people use public transport. The city is relatively small and locations are not usually far to walk to, but I’ve noticed that people will usually opt to drive places than to take a bus. There is also no subway or train system that I am aware of. There does happen to be a good system of bike lanes on the roads of Dunedin, but rarely do I see people using them. Though strides have been made by the city to reduce its carbon footprint, there is obviously a long way to go.

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Here is the Clock Tower on the University of Otago campus!