Quick Change of Plans…

Our final program trip was Barcelona, which happened to be scheduled the week after I went to Barcelona for Halloween. Though my weekend there was relatively safe, with the exception of a few pickpockets among the group, Hamilton College deemed it unsafe for the program to travel to Barcelona for that weekend. I was definitely bummed that I would not get to experience the culture sights part of Barcelona that I did not do the weekend before since I thought I would be doing it the weekend after. However, I was also excited for the opportunity to travel to a new city. With very little time to plan, we were headed to Valencia. Immediately I was excited because Valencia is very famous for one this we all loved: Paella. Our second day there all 30 of us sat at a long rectangular table and enjoyed our multi-course meal that consisted of paella and different seafood and meat dished that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Another famous attraction of Valencia is the Science Museum, pictured below. The buildings in this area stand out from the rest to due their incredibly modern architecture which included very geometrically intricate shapes. Though most people were very against the construction Museum, it has brought the city a lot of money and has been very successful.


After exploring the science museum we got to have lunch in the restaurant aquarium, the outside pictured below. This was incredibly cool because the whole restaurant was surrounded by a giant fish tank where fish were constantly swimming around in circles around us. Though we did not get to go to Barcelona which many of us were upset about, Valencia proved to be a fun trip where we learned a lot about the architecture and cultural significance of Valencia- like the fact that it was a major exporter of silk due to its beneficial location Mediterranean.