Trip to Portugal

A little bit ago I got the opportunity to go to Portugal with my friend from the Program. This was basically my first time out of Spain and first time taking the time to learn about another countries culture and really exploring the city. After a long 8 hour bus ride that arrived in Lisbon at 4 in the morning, my friend and I realized we could not get into our airbnb until the afternoon, and that no stores or cafes would be open until at least 6am. Walking around a foreign city at 4am was definitely an experience to say the least. Though we did not do much the first day we were there, we had the opportunity to go to Sintra, which is outside of Lisbon, and see the Pena palace and 8th century Moorish castle. Both of these places were incredible, but this was the first time I was visiting places not with my program, and thus did not have all the context and history that made these cultural places so interesting. Nonetheless, it was a fun experience to have the freedom to explore whatever parts we wanted and not have any time restrictions on how long we stayed in one place.


Above is the Pena palace. Unfortunately, it was very foggy the day we went and the pictures do not do it justice. The colors are so bright and the because of the fog you could not see how high we were up from the rest of the city. Because tickets were expensive we only walked around the outside of the tower, but it was worth every cent.

The last day we went to a famous monastery in Lisbon before out 8 hour bus ride back to Madrid. The monastery contained a beautiful interior pictured above, and was two stories that you could walk around and enter different rooms, some containing artwork and others containing burial chambers for various important people. This was a nice way to round out my weekend in Portugal