Protests in Barcelona

This blog would not be complete if I did not talk about what is happening in Barcelona. My mind was absolutely blown when I watched the news during the month of October, seeing the riots, the violence, and the destruction of the city of Barcelona. Put very simply, the people of Catalan want to become their own nation, and they are rioting and protesting to do so. For Halloween weekend, I planned to go to Barcelona with my friends. Because the protesting had died down since weeks prior, we decided to risk it. Though we did not see any violence, there was a lot of peaceful protesting when I was there, people even set up tents in the middle of the street which forced the police to close it down. I did not have much time to view many of the popular tourist attractions of Barcelona, but being there during this time I thought was really cool because this probably be such an important time in their history, and to say I witnessed it first hand was cool. When I returned I also decided to ask my host family about the protests and get their opinion on what was happening. It was very interesting to hear first hand opinions and really see the distaste both people from Madrid and the people from Catalan about each other as well. Lastly, what also struck me is that obviously this is a big issue here in Spain, but not a lot of people back in the United States have even heard about it nor show it on the news. This was a wakeup call to me that so many things are happening around us and do not even know about it