Parents in Madrid!

Back in October was the weekend my parents were coming to Madrid to visit me. As the time drew nearer, I realized how little I’d seen of Madrid since I had been here. I had only been to the Prado for class a couple times, had not seen the royal palace, and have not been to many neighborhoods in Madrid. So, this weekend I was able to actually take an official tour of the Prado museum with them and learn about more of the history behind paintings I had not seen in class. This was such a cool experience because studying here has given me a little bit of background of the history of Spain, thus receiving the context on these paintings helped put more puzzle pieces into place its context. I also was able to go out to eat in nicer restaurants that my own budget would not allow, which gave me more knowledge on the nicer parts on Madrid and its nicer restaurants. All in all, this weekend was altogether a different experience because for the first time I was not a college student on a budget trying to save money, but was able to take advantage of all Madrid has to offer.