As the Semester Nears its End

This semester has been such a great experience. As it nears its end in the next month or so, I want to take a moment to reflect upon what I have learned.


Living in an apartment with a tight budget is not easy. During this program, most of the students, including myself, have been living in Allston, MA in program-provided apartments. This has been a big shift from living on-campus at Colby each year prior to this. Living in an apartment with roommates who I did not know has been a challenging but rewarding experience. I have learned to compromise with people who have a wide array of needs and values that are different from my own, learned how to cook my own meals on a budget, and maintain a clean apartment while balancing the work week and class schedule.


This was not always easy, but through thoughtful planning and communication amongst my apartment mates I have been able to create a healthy schedule over the course of the semester that does not break my wallet and does not interfere with my roommates lifestyles. All of these lessons I have learned will be beneficial to me as I move forward in life and most likely live in a similar environment post-grad from Colby.


During this program I have taken courses that differed heavily from those offered at Colby. Both courses, one on Wednesday and one on Friday, center around hands-on approaches to solving world problems, recognizing signs of success when starting up a nonprofit organization, and expanding my personal and career networks alike. Through these courses I have been able to make connections both in realtime conversation and via LinkedIn. I have also been able to better understand the problems facing our world, country, and most specifically the city of Boston (i.e. homelessness, drug abuse, environmental issues, etc.) and how nonprofits around the MA area are working to resolve these problems. I have had the opportunity to hear from speakers from these nonprofits, learn about their business ventures, failures, and successes and as a result gain insight into my future as a potential business owner, myself. These classes have been rewarding, but I am ready to get back to Colby, as well.


Finally, I have made some great interpersonal connections throughout my time here and look forward to continuing these friendships beyond the end of the program. I have befriended my roommates and peers and as a result have learned about many different cultures, faiths, political insights, and life values from each of them. I believe that through this program I have been exposed to a wider demographic and more diversely opinionated group that I ever have been at Colby. This has been a great experience getting to learn from my peers and grow as a result of it.


I look forward to finishing out my semester here and following up soon with more updates. As we approach December, we prepare our final speeches that will be presented to the entire cohort and guests about our individual experiences this semester. Wish me luck!