Fall term home stretch

It’s currently Monday 11 November. Within one week, classes will have been over. Within two weeks, I’ll be done with finals (thankfully I only have two) and flying back home. The term has sure gone by fast, relentlessly so in fact – the last two weeks were probably the most stressed I have ever been at College. It’s interesting that while I’ve been so stressed, I haven’t necessarily been putting in more work than I do at Colby. It’s the pace of classes that stresses you out – you have to process information 15/10 = 1.5x as quickly (15 weeks at Colby vs 10 weeks here – and you learn roughly the same amount of stuff), which makes it really hard. Add in an unforgiving schedule – not that I have many classes; rather, classes are spaced out awkwardly so that it’s hard to find a large chunk of time to do stuff. I like to do work in half day blocks – these little 1 hour breaks kind of kill my focus.

Despite the academic stress, I did get to make a quick trip down to NYC last weekend (sponsored by Dartmouth, of course) to watch the Princeton vs Dartmouth football game. While I can’t say I like American football much, I did appreciate going to the Yankee stadium and just being in the city.

It was interesting being in the stadium surrounded by tons of Dartmouth and Princeton alum, of varying ages, each dressed elegantly in peacoats, leather boots, and Dartmouth or Princeton scarves. In between the plays, they introduced some notable alum, from both schools. Some of them were CEOs, CFOs, executives of well-known companies in the US. The difference in socio-economic status between the attendees and the workers of the stadium was apparent.