This past week I have been preparing for my flight to Prague, Czech Republic where I will be taking classes through the UPCES program this semester. I am both nervous and excited for this upcoming experience. I have been out of the United States a few times in the past, but I have never stayed in a country where such a large percentage of the population doesn’t speak English. Although I really don’t know much about Czech culture, I am eager to get out of my comfort zone and try new things that I am not familiar with. That being said, I am staying with three other Colby College students so we will all be going through this experience with a few familiar faces around. One thing I am nervous about is taking an introduction to the Czech language course. I tried looking up some basic Czech words online and they are nothing like English or Spanish, the two languages I am familiar with. I recently received my accepted Visa application and just by glancing over the words in Czech, it looks like an incredibly hard language to learn. Overall, I am feeling prepared to go abroad, but at the same time slightly nervous about trying to adjust to a different culture than I have been used to for my entire life.