Journey to Prague

When I said goodbye to my parents yesterday at the airport, I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on. While I was sad to leave my parents, brothers, and sisters, I was eager to start my semester abroad. As I dragged my many bags throughout the airport, I was almost excited for my nine-hour flight from Washington, D.C. to Frankfurt, Germany and then take my one-hour connecting flight to Prague, Czech Republic. After checking my bags, a long security line, and a short bus ride, I finally made it to my gate. I had downloaded multiple episodes of the Netflix series Peaky Blinders so I felt fully equipped to tackle what would be the longest plane ride of my life. I entered the plane and made my way to my seat which was the window seat in a row of three. The plane took off soon after and my journey had officially begun. I was sitting next to a very sweet, elderly German woman who I talked with for hours, so I didn’t really watch much of the shows I had downloaded. After what felt like an eternity, I arrived in Frankfurt. It was around 5 am Frankfurt time and 10 pm D.C. time when I landed. I was a little hungry, so I decided to grab a bratwurst while waiting for my connecting flight to Prague which was at 10 am. I tried to get some sleep because I didn’t sleep on the plane, but I didn’t want to leave my bags unattended, so I powered through. After a long five hour wait, I was on my connecting flight. One hour later, I had touched down in Prague. I was excited but also exhausted. It was 11 am in Prague, but I was still on D.C. time, so it felt like 4 am. My program had arranged a ride for me to the hostel (we had to stay in a hostel for the first three nights) which was about a 25-minute ride. Exhausted and hungry, I was still in awe of Prague’s beauty. When I arrived, I planned on taking a nap but was heavily advised to stay awake all day so I could adjust to the time difference. Even though I really did not want to stay up, I realized this was probably the right thing to do. I met up with some friends and we walked around Wenceslas Square, which is a very popular, touristy area in Prague. It was Sunday and the first weekend of the NFL season was about to be underway. We stumbled across a local restaurant/pub and popped in to watch the Redskins lose (shocking). After an extremely long day and over 24 hours without sleep, I finally made it back to the hostel where I got the best night of sleep in my life.