Progress in Czech Language

Three weeks ago I traveled to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. This was a great weekend partially because I met up with a lot of friends from Colby. It was also my first trip leaving the Czech Republic which was exciting in itself. One of the first things I noticed arriving in Munich was how much simpler the public transportation system is to navigate in Prague. Also, I was quick to appreciate how cheap Prague is when I was forced to pay a lot of money for an Uber or dinner. 

The last two weeks have been very relaxing in Prague. I would definitely say I have a good weekly routine which makes me feel more and more like a local every week. I have also begun to learn a lot more Czech language which has been helpful. Last week I was assigned to go with a partner and ask a local on the streets for directions to an opera house which was chosen by my professor. This was a cool experience because when we asked for directions in Czech the local responded in Czech which is not always the case when they can tell you speak English. Although neither of us could really understand what he said, we got what direction to head. We then decided to ask a police officer who was on the sidewalk what direction it was and he once again told us where to go in Czech and it was just a few blocks away. 

In general, learning  Czech has been very exciting and is one of my favorite classes despite it being at 8am. It not only has helped me get around but also has provided me the opportunity to socialize with locals, which I wouldn’t normally be able to do. The other night at a bar I was able to have a conversation with another 20 year old who is from Prague. Although he understood some English I was able to practice my Czech and create small talk without needing his English. He was able to share some fun local spots to go to that I would not have known about without my limited knowledge of Czech.