Neighborhood Sights and Sounds

The apartment my three roommates and I share is located just a quick 8 minute tram ride from one of the three main parts of the city. Located above a local watering hole and surrounded by restaurants within a three minute walking distance, our location is perfect. It allows us to experience the culture in a local-esque way without being near all the “tourist traps”. Mon-Wed I have class so will be out the door by 8 or 10 am depending on the day and take the tram 3 stops to the Wenceslas Square. After that it is only a 3 minute walk to our building for class. Once completing my courses for the day, usually around 3 pm, I will grab lunch at a restaurant close to home. My favorites so far have been: Wok in, an Asian noodle place with the procedures of Chipotle, Pizza Borsalino, the best slices in Prague for $2 USD a piece, and Serial Burger. Depending on the day, our nights will either include cooking dinner or going out to eat then to meet with friends in the later part.

On the weekends when we stay in Prague we usually will go out to a bar for food and dinner with friends from our program or who we’ve met while here. One place is nicknamed Dog Bar, located just a 2 minute walk away, allows dogs into the establishment as well as has their own massive pet which walks around greeting customers. Certainly the highlight of going their. A unique aspect of Prague is that most of the roads and sidewalks are cobblestone or tiles instead of typical concrete. The weather has already begun to drop significantly with the mornings hovering between 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit. With most of October and all of November left, it will be a chilly experience for sure.