Living in a propper flat with other students is liberating. This independence allows me to break my mundane routine of eating in the same three cafeterias. I no longer ask myself, “What are the dinner options tonight?” As a group, we decide what we want to eat. Sometimes we even play loud music. 

Music has played a large role in the group dynamic in our flat. One of my flat mates who studies design, Diego, plays guitar. I have been playing piano informally since I stopped taking weekly lessons in middle school. Although I played in a six piece band on campus last year, my musical talent is very far from that of a concert pianist.

I bought a cheap keyboard after meeting Diego. Regardless of our average musical abilities, Diego and I spend a lot of time together improvising and playing covers of songs we both like. On the weekends, we have filled the house with other university students and have played a few songs before going out for the night. We even have an original song about living far away from home. 

Diego I have unique tastes in music. Nevertheless, we share music with each other often. I have opened Diego’s pallet to many indie and less recognized groups from the US, UK, and Australia. In return, Diego has shared a lot of music in Spanish ranging from experimental post grunge (El Columpio Asesino), to electronic (Brock Ansiolitiko, Clara, Kasse.), Najwa), to anarchist punk (La Polla Records, Eskorbuto, Kaotiko). 

I will share the following music videos on this platform: 

Toro – El Columpio Asesino 

Mucha Policía Poco Diversión – Eskorbuto