A Little Slice of Fame

After spending a few weeks in Sevilla and showing friends pictures of the soccer games I had been to, they started to express interest in going to a game. I said I’d look into it, but I knew I had my work cut out for me to find 7 reasonably priced tickets all seated together at a Sevilla FC game. The La Liga games are the hardest to get tickets for, but Sevilla also plays in the Europa League, a competition involving teams throughout Europe (one tier lower than the Champions League). Tickets to these games, especially those in the early group stages, do not have as high demand as do La Liga tickets. Also, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) regulates ticket prices for Europa League games. Given these facts, I started looking for tickets to the Sevilla vs. APOEL Nicosia (from Cyprus) on October 3rd. I saw that many tickets were still available so I went over to the box office at the stadium and was able to buy 7 tickets in the FRONT ROW of the stadium for 35 euros each.

After sitting up in the nosebleeds, getting a different perspective by sitting up close and personal in the front row was a great experience. I often write about how passionate Sevilla fans are, but this small interaction from the game last Thursday should provide some context. The 7 tickets that I bought were split up into a group of 5 seats next to each other, a seat owned by another fan, and then our last two seats. We had planned to just ask the person in the seat between us if they didn’t mind moving over two seats do that we could all be together, given that the view from two seats over was essentially the same. However, when we arrived and met the older Spanish woman sitting in that seat, with her Sevilla scarves tied up on the railing, it was clear she wouldn’t move. She told us that she has sat in the same seat at the Sevilla games for over 15 years and there was no chance she was moving until Sevilla was winning 3-0. As an avid sports fan, I sincerely respected her superstition and commitment to remaining in her special seat. The game was fairly uneventful and ended in a routine 1-0 victory for Sevilla, but the best part was getting to share this experience with my friends and viewing the game right at the field level.

I had had a great time at the game, but little did I know that perhaps the most noteworthy part of the game would come on Friday morning. As I was on the bus to the small Spanish town of Ronda on a day trip organized by CIEE, I was scrolling through Instagram ad came across the Sevilla FC official account’s post recapping the game from the night before. The first picture was of the players celebrating the goal, the second picture was of Chicharito (the player who scored the goal), and the third picture was this:

That’s a picture of my friends and I holding up our Sevilla scarves during the team anthem just prior to kickoff!

The Sevilla official twitter account also posted the picture in their tweet stating how many fans had attended the game that night:

Not only had front row seats been incredible to watch the game, but they had paid off in that we became the poster fans for the win against APOEL Nicosia!

Now I have a great picture of my friends and I at the game as well as a great story to tell.

That’s all for this time, and as always here’s the La Liga table after 8 games played: