First Week in Argentina

My first week in Argentina was hectic. I arrived a week later than everyone else and had a weeks worth of orientation in a 3 hour period. My grandfather came to help move me in which was extremely helpful, especially when I had to get an Argentinian sims card. Instead of having a monthly plan, you go to a “kiosk” which is a small store and ask them to put x amount of data on your phone. My grandfather has been to Buenos Aires many times before so he knew where to take me. Being big foodies we went to San Telmo which had a huge indoor food market. We got steak kabobs and empanadas. We also went to El Ateneo which is a beautiful library inside of an old theater. A final highlight of his time in Buenos Aires was the MALBA, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires.  The MALBA is a small museum which offers traditional and modern art exhibitions- including a Frida Kahlo!

I am pleased with my host family. I am living with a single young mom who works for the Argentinian government, human resources division. She has a seven year old daughter named Cata and a dachshund called Poncho. We live in Recoleta, which is the nicest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. All of the architecture in this neighborhood looks like Paris. One downside of living here is I am the only student in my program who lives here. Everyone else lives in Palermo which is where all the clubs and bars are. It is a nuisance to go back home by yourself after a night out. I would prefer to live in Palermo.