First Trip Outside of Prague

As I mentioned in my previous post, many of my classmates and I ventured to Germany last week for what was our first travel experience outside of the Czech Republic. I was both anxious and enthusiastic about this trip as it was not too far, yet my first time in another country outside of the Czech Republic. What I was really excited about was meeting up with friends studying in other parts of Europe. We got to share our favorite experiences so far, talk about the cultural differences of our respective cities, and even begin to plan on times to try and visit on another in our aboard locations. I saw friends who are studying in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Madrid, Rome, and even Munich itself. Everyone had different stories to share about adapting to the cultural changes; for example, everyone from Spain emphasized how difficult it was to adapt to the eating/sleeping schedule that most Spanish people operate on. They talked about how dinner is typically served very late at night around 10p.m. and how everyday, from 3p.m. to 5p.m., many people are napping. I told my friends that night life in Prague does not start until late but they harped on the fact that nothing really compared to Barcelona or Madrid. I really look forward to checking out both cities; I know I am traveling to Barcelona and now hope that I get the opportunity to check out Madrid as well. Furthermore, this was another topic of discussion for many students I saw: people could not decide where to travel to! What is so great about traveling around Europe is that if you booked your trips ahead of time, the price can be extremely reasonable and overwhelmingly fair. That said, we all love our own city, and do not want to miss out on too many weekends. Because of that, it makes decisions on where to travel very difficult. My top choices are Barcelona, Vienna, and Budapest so I really hope I will be lucky enough to attend those three. It will be somewhat up to most of my friends and what they want to do, but I hope I can persuade them to visit these cities that are rich with history and have unbelievable tourist attractions. Overall, I really did enjoy our weekend in Germany, but by the end of it, I missed Prague, a lot. I now have a sense of comfortability when it comes to Prague. In and around our neighborhood feels entirely like home as we now know the in’s and out’s of every street, corner store, and restaurant. Traveling to Munich was a lot of fun, but I was ready to return ‘home’ on Sunday. I look forward to expanding my understanding of the city as we start to venture further and further outside our comfort zone.