Learning The Ropes in Prague

After being in Prague for almost three weeks now, my friends and I have seen a majority of the major tourists spots. Just the other day we went to the John Lennon Wall which is something I did not even know was located in Prague. I have always seen pictures of it and never knew that it was located in Prague, Czech Republic; it was a surreal experience and my top tourist spot so far. We are almost fully accustomed to our new residence; we know where the best restaurants, grocery stores, and hot spots are near us. It did not take long to figure out, but what we recently learned is that we are in an excellent location within the city. Being located in Prague 1 was a luxury we did not understand until now. And although we are located in the heart of the city, everything in Prague is incredibly cheap compared to home. It is truly fascinating to be operating on a different currency and be comparing all the different products and choices to prices at home. This past weekend we ventured to Munich, Germany for our first trip outside of the Czech Republic. We were using the Euro instead of the Czech Crown; that is when it truly settled in that we were fortunate to be in Prague as we immediate noticed the price difference. I saw many friends from other countries and was repeatedly telling them how lucky we were to be studying in Prague, not only for price reasons but many others as well.
Academically things are off to a great start. I love all of my classes but two in particular are fantastic. The first is my Czech language class. I have never been one to love language as it has not been my strong suit throughout school. However, that being said, I really like my professor and all the things that are coupled with the course. We have visited a Czech elementary school twice already and have met with kids who are learning English. It is fascinating to see as we know hardly any Czech and are about twice their age, and meanwhile they are almost proficient in English. To them it seems so easy; many of them are also in either French or German class, so while I struggle to become bi-lingual, they are learning three languages and are capable of speaking all of them. My next favorite class is a course called “Prague as a Living History”. For this course, we walk around different parts of the city viewing historic landmarks and unique locations that I otherwise would probably never see. It is a great way to see the city and I do not even have to do it on my free time! Overall, as our first month comes to a close, we have been having a terrific time. My friends and I have multiple trips planned in the coming weeks and I cannot wait to write about all of those. Munich was amazing and I will definitely go into more detail about it in my next post.