Dartmouth Week 2 – FORMULA RACING

This past week has been marked by me joining DFR, Dartmouth Formula Racing! A very old student group at the Thayer School of Engineering that has thrived and continues to thrive in Formula Hybrid Competitions. The concept is easy to understand: a team of students from a school makes a car from scratch and competes with other schools. In reality, it’s SUPER complicated. Can you imagine, building a car from scratch! Who does that? How? What? That’s just crazy. But I guess that’s precisely why DFR people do it and that’s also why I joined! I’m working on Pedal Sensing, basically how to monitor how much the pilot is pressing against the pedal to adjust the throttle.

Two days ago, I was working in their room, when they got one of their go-karts out and asked me if I wanted to try it out. I answered by a very enthusiastic HELL YEAH and a couple of seconds later:

This was a picture I took from my friend Sergio Enrique when trying out the vehicle, and here is another picture of the Go-Kart being refueled.

It was really fun! I am looking forward to working more with this club and see where it takes us!