First two weeks wrap up – “Abroad” at Dartmouth

G’day everyone,

As you might know, I’m here for the engineering dual-degree program, and that means two of my three classes (Dartmouth works on a trimester, 3 class a term system) are engineering classes. I’m taking

  • ENGS50 – software design and implementation, a software-engineering class where we eventually make a tiny web browser and search engine
  • ENGS22 – basically a class in differential eqs. applied to physical systems (thanks Prof. Evan Randles for your diffeq notes)

My elective is psychology 1, which is, OK. A typical intro class, that’s all I’ve got to say.

My first week was smooth sailing – every class was basically the same old “this is the syllabus” thing.

Now, in my second week, classes have ramped up a bit. The pace of teaching has picked up and already I have my first “midterm” coming up.

Aside from classes, I’m also looking to join some engineering/academic related activities. I am currently contemplating DFR (Dartmouth Formula Racing), where they make a race car and compete against other schools in tests like speed and stability:

(Google Images)

Or, I am considering working as a research assistant in the CS department, possibly in work related to microcontrollers or mobile phones.